Saturday, August 4, 2007

Monthly Market Sector Performance Review

The excellent website,, has a section called PerfCharts, where you can create charts that look like the one below. The purpose of these charts is to look at which market sectors are outperforming or under performing. The chart below is the PerfChart that I like to look at.

This chart looks back 1 month, and tells you what sectors have been doing the best, and, as you can see, Gold Bullion has done the best over a 1 month time frame. The worst performing sector was the S&P 500. Please refer to the X axis on the bottom of the chart to see what the bars represent.

I feel that Gold is now starting to attract some nervous money that has recently left the stock market, and this is also why Gold Stocks have faired reasonably well. However, since Gold Stocks are still stocks, they did sustain some damage from the general market fall.

Even if you do not have an account with, you can still create your own PerfCharts. You can also look at my chart or create your own by clicking here.

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