Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Wisdom of Peter Schiff

With the last video I posted on this site, I recommended a weekly webcast called the Financial Sense News Hour. One of the advantages of listening to this program is that one can become exposed to the ideas of many different guest speakers.

Peter Schiff is a regular contributor to this internet radio show, and is where I first came across his ideologies. Peter Schiff is a stock broker, money manager, author, and, in my opinion, an expert in his field.

About 1 year ago, I read Schiff's book, Crash Proof. In it, he explains his outlook on the US economy, the housing market, the US dollar, and gold. Looking back now at this book, I am amazed at the clarity of wisdom, and the accuracy of his predictions. Most interesting of all, so far only half of his predications have come to pass, with the other half still in the pipeline, in my view.

Here is a video of Peter Schiff shot in November 2006:


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your postings Danny! I read your blog everytime you update it and I highly appreciate your input.

Danny Merkel said...

Thanks! Comments are always appreciated.